Proptech Consulting is
At Proptech Consulting we help the digital world find a real home. We were born out of the need to provide up to the moment advice on data centres and digital infrastructure to a range of stakeholders. And that got us thinking… we realised the relationship between technology and real estate is critical to the success of our clients, and so we began to diversify from providing traditional real estate services alone. We are unique: as a RICS-registered firm of chartered surveyors with the capability and understanding to develop bespoke cutting-edge digital platforms on behalf our clients.

Real Estate Advice, Reinvented

Proptech Consulting is not your regular property services company. We maintain the same high standards of professionalism and training, of course. But we revel in innovative thinking and outside-the-box solutions. We are here to provide digital solutions to your real estate challenges.

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A recent BBC article revealed that in Britain 100% of households with children living in them now have internet access. We consider the difference between growing up in the pre-internet age, and the experience of those born today.


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