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Welcome to Generation Data

A recent BBC article revealed that in Britain 100% of households with children living in them now have internet access. We consider the difference between growing up in the pre-internet age, and the experience of those born today.


The case of Equinix and ServerLoft shows data centres as the new utility of our age

Recent actions by the world's biggest data centre operator show just how reliant we have become on digital infrastructure


The driverless car revolution is nigh; time to start positioning our technical infrastructure for the road ahead

Previously the preserve of science fiction, self-driving vehicles are coming. Here's what you need to know about the next transportation revolution.


Why Pokémon Go matters to the data centre sector

The phenomenal growth of Pokemon was only made possible by taking advantage of what Public Cloud has to offer.

A new generation of satellites will bring a new wave of opportunities for the data centre sector

Satellite telecommunications networks could soon provide a viable alternative to traditional fibre networks.

The data centre Colossus that is Ireland

Ireland is garnering a reputation as the cloud capital of Europe.

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